What its all about...


It’ hard for me to use the phrase “this is what CrossFit is about”. Don’t get me wrong it is about this (the pic) but it is about so much more than any one single picture can portray. CrossFit is about the athlete training for the next competition or the next game/season, or the soccer mom that gets her first pull up, or the grand parent that can now pick up their grand child and run and play with them. It’s about the pregnant lady trying to be healthy for the new life growing inside of her and about the dad trying to instill a work ethic into his son. Its about each and everyone of these people coming together to support and help each other, its about the community. All of these are true but there is still so much more to it and its not really something that can be put into words. You just have to experience it to really understand it. Its not about the weight your lifting or the score on the white board.

I was recently brought to tears being reminded what CrossFit is truly about.

A client who has never worked out before and has struggled with their weight most of their life to the point that it greatly effects what they are able to do, brought tears to my eyes. At our first session there was a lot of talking a lot of wall breaking and building up some confidence etc.. I told them that there were two things that I wanted to work on just about every time they came in, their balance, and being able to get up off the floor without aid. I told them to give me a month and they would be getting up on their own.

It was our 2nd session and I saw how they squatted. Even though it was really hard they could do it. I figured if they could get their feet under them they could get up, so I laid down on the ground and showed them how I wanted to see them try and get up. For most of us, a very simple task but for them… They had not done it in years. Think about that for a second. YEARS!!! We went over it step by step just like I was teaching a snatch or any other movement. They struggled to get down and then started the journey to get back up to their feet. Working their way up they got to a sticking point and thought there was no way. Have you ever seen Facing the Giants? There is a scene where a football coach is teaching one of the players they can do more than they think. That was playing through my head as I watched them struggle to get up. I was trying to talk them through it… ok I was shouting… but they stood up. All by themselves… They screamed, I screamed it was amazing. They did it. “I haven’t done that in years” was the first thing they said to me. So yes it brought me to tears.

See CrossFit is all of those things that I listed above but it is so much more. CrossFit is about you… CrossFit is about making you more capable, equipping you with the tools to be able to do what needs to be done. It’s also about the fun and the friendships and the hurts and the pains.

CrossFit is about MAKING YOU BETTER!

Ryan Vest