Code of Conduct

What to expect from Practice Crossfit coaches and staff


Here at PCF the Trainers and other staff agree to…

-Be Honest.

Honesty breeds trust and for us to be able to help others they have to trust us. You can count on the trainers and other staff to keep their word and uphold themselves with integrity. This includes the workouts and the standards that go with them.

-Be Hungry.

No, we’re not talking food (that’s too easy). When we say be hungry it means to continue to educate oneself and to constantly strive to be better. We have to be better so that you can be better.

-Keep you safe.

Your physical safety is NOT our #1 concern. If it was I would have you stay at home and watch T.V. There is always risk involved when you do something active and we want you to be equipped to do it right. Practice CrossFit will prepare you for what may lie ahead.

The protection and safety of your child IS a top priority of ours. Our trainers will not be left alone with any persons under the age of 18.  A 3:1 ratio is required unless a parent or other adult is present.

-We will always preach:
Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity - Always in that order.

This means we will teach you the movement (Mechanics) will then perform the movement over and over again correctly (Consistency).... then and only then is it appropriate to increase the speed/weight (Intensity) of the movement.

The bottom line is this: 

We want to help you. All of us have had a great experience doing CrossFit or we would not be teaching and educating others on the benefits of it, and I assure you, those benefits far surpass the physical abilities you will gain from being here.