More than a gym


The story of PCF is a long one, stretching back over a decade. We’re proud to have served Troy Ohio and the surrounding area since 2008. And now in our third and largest location, we continue to grow as trainers, a Crossfit Box, and as a community. As the title says, Practice CrossFit is more than a gym. We are a community built on similar goals and ideals.

That’s not to say we are all the same, because we’re not. But at the end of the workout, the sweat on the floor looks the same whether you’re a 20-something, or 20-some years their senior. And as folks pick themselves up and trade fistbumps and smiles, the weight on the bar or reps on the whiteboard are inconsequential compared to the shared effort of becoming today just slightly better than the day before. If you think you would like to be a part that, give us a call 937.552.5822 or stop in and see us.


Meet Ellie. When she started she could not get her arms above her head. Now... well just watch.