Friday May 17th


CHIPPER For time:
1200m Dumbbell Farmers Carry, 50/35#
120 Push-ups
120 AbMat Sit-ups
12 Rope Climbs, 15 ft

The movement that will most likely need scaled the most in this WOD, besides the push ups, will be the rope climbs (at least for safety that is). With the farmers carry already taxing your grip, scaling the rope climbs may be your best approach. One option for scaling that movement would be to simply take the number down to say 8 or 10. However, 36 strict Pull ups and 36 strict Toes to bar will be a great modification if your grip is so gone that you don’t feel safe climbing the rope today. I don’t want someone getting to the top of the rope and then their grip give out. Be wise, be strong, and more importantly Have Fun!!!

Ryan Vest