Saturday August 3rd


-Teams of 3-
For time:

400m Farmer Carry
50 Box Jump Overs (Alt)
40 Squat and toss w/Med ball
30 Push Up (Alt)
20 Hang Power Clean 135/95
10 Tire Flips
400m Farmer Carry

It should be book ended with the farmer carry. There is no prescribed weight however the options are: KB/DB/Military Water Jug. Weights for KB/DB should be around 50+ for men or 35+ for women. Only one set of objects for farmers carry per team. 2 guys and a girl go with guy weight, 2 girls and a guy go with girl weight. You may switch as needed on the carry however the goal should be for everyone to only carry once.

Have fun and train hard.

Don’t forget, tonight is our PCF family night. Come out and enjoy some games, a fire, and a family friendly movie. Starts at 6p, with the movie beginning approximately at 9. Just grab a lawn chair and bring something to drink and enjoy your PCF family.

Ryan Vest