Saturday September 14th


Teams of 4
AMRAP 16min:
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20 Syncro Burpees
400m Run
Floor to Overhead 45/25 Plate
Box jumps
Sit ups

*The whole team will do the 20 burpees together (SYNCRO). Once all 20 are done each team member moves to one of the other elements; Run, Floor to OH, Box jumps, or Sit ups. This is an AMRAP so you will try to get as many reps as you can at each station except for the run. When the person doing the run gets back you rotate. Keep track of your reps and you will total them at the end. You will rotate like this 400m run > Floor to OH > Box Jumps > Sit ups > 400m run and so on. The Syncro Burpees are only done 1x.

Ryan Vest