Thursday July 18th


Listen up practitioners. Not that it is unusual in Ohio to have some really hot and humid days, but the next few days have highs in the mid and upper 90’s. Drink plenty of water and if you start feeling dizzy or anything out of the ordinary take a break and make sure to tell the trainer. You can lose a lot of water while working out so making sure to replenish that is no joke. Stay hydrated and stay safe. No WOD is worth getting overheated.

18min AMRAP:

6 KB Clean & Jerk (R arm)
6 KB Clean & Jerk (L arm)
12 Box Jumps
24 Wall Ball

This WOD can also be partnered, if you so choose to do so:
12 KB Clean & Jerk
18 Alternating Box Jumps
24 Partner Wall Ball

Ryan Vest