Thursday July 4th


Teams of 4:
4 rounds

40Jump Squats
30 Partner Deadlifts 185/225
20 Strict Pull ups
300m Keg carry

3,2,1…GO! All 4 teammates begin jump squatting together. Finish 10 in sync and that is your 40. Then its to the bar where person A & B will begin deadlifting. When A & B tire out persons C & D jump in. Next its on to the 20 Strict Pull ups. 2 People may go at a time and if you cant do a strict Pull up your teammates can help you with a spot. Then head outside and grab a KEG, thats right a KEG. Two teammates at a time carry 1 keg around the building then hand it off to the other 2 teammates who then have to also carry it around the building for a total of 300m. Immediately following the keg carry you will have to test your accuracy with a frisbee toss. Fail to hit the target and the team must perform 10 Burpees together. You will be able to start anywhere and go in any order you wish however the frisbee toss must be done after the keg carry.

Ryan Vest