Wednesday September 18th

The Kettlebell… Ladies and gents today is a kettlebell fiasco. Without diving too much into it here, (I will save that for a blog post later on) the Kettlebell is unique among its other weighted counterparts. Its most unique quality is the fact that it has an off set center of gravity unlike a barbell or a dumbbell where the handle is balanced at the center with weight evenly distributed on either side. The KB has a handle that sticks out of the top of what most describe as a cannon ball. Because of this the KB employs the use of more muscles to operate and stabilize the implement. I know not everyone likes the KB as much as I do but hopefully you will give it a chance and enjoy this WOD.


12 min with Focus on quality of the movements
2 Turkish Get up + Windmill (1 per arm)

3 Rounds for time of:
400m Run
5 Kettlebell Complexes R.Arm
5 Kettlebell Complexes L.Arm
10 V-ups

KB Complex - Single arm Swing / Single arm Clean & Jerk / Single arm Snatch

Ryan Vest