Wednesday September 25th

“The CrossFit Total”
1 RM each
Back Squat
Shoulder press (Standing)

It is that time again. Ladies and gents it is a heavy, heavy, HEAVY Day… Yesterday it was all about moving your body, today we are moving a heavy external load. Welcome to the CrossFit Total. Last time we performed this was June 5th of 2018, so just over a year. Starting with the Back Squat you will work your way up to the heaviest single rep you are able to do without compromising your mechanics, followed by the Shoulder press, and then the Deadlift. It is very important to be strong, after all as Mark Rippetoe says, “Stronger people are harder to kill”. We also want to be safe and move well. Good movement pattern is more important than the weight. So as you are going up in weight remember this, you want to challenge yourself so that you can get better. You do not want to sacrifice yourself to get a lift.

Have fun and go hard.

Ryan Vest